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Lakefront Window Cleaning - Ypsilani, MI

Local Power Washers and Home Repairs near Ypsilani, Michigan

If you live in Ypsilanti, Michigan, and need the services of a top-class window cleaner then look no further than the work I do here at Lakefront Window Cleaning. I work for both residential and commercial customers and am happy to travel from my base in nearby Belleville.

I am so much more than a window cleaner – I offer gutter cleaning, power washing, house painting, plumbing repairs, drywall, and a host of other general handyman tasks. My workmanship, reliability, and customer service skills are highly regarded here, and my services are much sought after.

My customers include both homeowners and business managers, and I am just as happy cleaning windows three stories high on an office building as I am at a residential property. Three stories is the highest I will go in an office block, and I never use scaffolding, only poles, to reach the glass.

I always do a thorough cleaning job, including the removal of all dirt, environmental pollution, bird droppings, bug goop, smudges, and fingerprints from the windows. Deionized water and Dawn dish soap are used in the cleaning process. The water is ideal for preventing hard water spots, and I hardly need to use a squeegee and towel to prevent mineral being left behind.

Power washing is another service I offer to my clients in Ypsilanti. The benefits of a pressure wash are that it prevents the build-up on a property of mildew and mold, both of which pose a health risk; and it can help in the removal of old chipped paint. I can power wash window screens, sidings, flatwork such as sidewalks, as well as metal and wood buildings.

Ypsilanti residents who need my professional, expert services should call Lakefront Window Cleaning at (734) 228-0356.

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