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Lakefront Window Cleaning - Livonia, MI

Pressure Washers and Handyman Service near Livonia, Michigan

Residents of Livonia, Michigan, who need a reliable window cleaning service should make sure that I am their first port of call here at Lakefront Window Cleaning. Based in nearby Belleville, I am well-known in the area for my dedicated approach to the job as well as my dependability and professionalism.

Whether you are a residential customer who wants me to clean the windows of your home, or a commercial client wanting your office windows washed, I am the person you need to get in touch with. I have built up an excellent reputation for the first-class nature of my workmanship and the excellent customer service I provide.

Among the services I offer is cleaning the rooftop gutter, a task that I recommend all customers to have carried out at least twice a year. If you hire me for a gutter cleaning job, I will arrive at your property with bladders, hoses, and a bucket for the debris.

First of all, I hand clean the gutters and the leaders, then flush out the gutters with a hose attached to a shop vacuum. Clients should make sure the gutters are cleared in late spring/early summer and any other time during the year when the leaves start to clog. If the gutters are not cleared regularly, then they will clog, and the rainwater will not run off properly.

If the rain is not allowed to run freely out of the gutter and down the spouts, and instead pours out over the top, then damage could be caused to the foundation of the property. So it is essential that you take advantage of the gutter cleaning services I offer here at Lakefront Window Cleaning.

I will also power wash your buildings and do many handyman jobs such as house painting, caulking, small appliance installation, and drywall. So call me today at (734) 228-0356.

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