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Lakefront Window Cleaning - Detroit, MI

Window Cleaners and Handyman Service near Detroit, Michigan

The city of Detroit, Michigan is close to my location in Belleville, and as a mobile window cleaner, I am often there in response to a customer request. My business has grown in reputation over the years, and I am regularly called to many of the communities in the area.

Lakefront Window Cleaning is a family owned and operated company, and as a mobile cleaner, I regard myself as a one-man, one-stop shop, and am able to carry out every job myself. However, on some occasions, I will sub-contract work if needed.

My main services are window cleaning, power washing, and gutter cleaning, as well as some general handyman work. I pride myself on my professionalism and reliability as well as my attention to detail, fair prices, and excellent customer service, all of which give me an advantage over my competitors in the area.

‘Clean windows make you happy’ is my motto and my clients in Detroit will agree that I always make sure their windows are sparkling. I will wash windows on a year-round basis and many residential customers set up a schedule to have the work done periodically.

I can clean tinted windows, and when I clean office windows for commercial clients, I will wash up to three stories high. At Lakefront Window Cleaning, I use poles to reach the three-story level, never scaffolding, and the products I utilize are always the best and most up-to-date on the market.

Power washing is a first-class way of keeping your property looking clean, and I can guarantee it will increase the building’s curb appeal. The pressure wash removes all dirt and grime from the walls and keeps them free from mildew and mold.

So if you are in Detroit and looking for the best window cleaning service in the area, then call Lakefront Window Cleaning at (734) 228-0356 right away.

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