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Lakefront Window Cleaning - Ann Arbor, MI

Power Washing and Window Cleaners near Ann Arbor, Michigan

If you live in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and want your windows washed, your gutters cleaned, or the outside of your building pressure washed, then you should make sure that I am the number one choice for the job. At Lakefront Window Cleaning I have such a high reputation for the quality of my workmanship that none of my competitors even come close.

Over and above my three main services, I operate as a general handyman and can do a lot of jobs around the house for you. House Painting, small appliance installation, drywall, caulking, small plumbing repairs, fixture installation, and many others are regularly done on behalf of clients in Ann Arbor and many other nearby communities.

My business is family owned and operated, and based in the city of Belleville. As a mobile operator, I am fully qualified and licensed and happy to travel to any location with a wide radius. Customers are always impressed by my high standards, particularly the attention to detail I pay to every task, my excellent customer service, my punctuality and reliability, and the fair and affordable pricing structure I operate.

It does not matter whether you want the windows of a home cleaned or those of an office window in the center of the city. I will always use the best cleaning products on the market, and I will make sure that the general maintenance, such as cleaning window frames and sills, and the window track, is included in the price.

If customers want only the outside windows cleaned, then I can accommodate that. I will take great care to ensure that the storm windows are also cleaned to a high standard. Many residential customers like me to come along on a regularly scheduled basis, whereas others will contact me when the windows are dirty.

So if you are in Ann Arbor and need my services, call today on (734) 228-0356.

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